Should You Tweeze Your Facial Hair?

Have you ever had a random stray hair appear on your face? It happens to the best of us, and often comes out of nowhere, but you most likely will want to remove it. The first solution that always comes to mind is to tweeze it, but is tweezing facial hair bad for your skin?

They always say that shaving makes your hair grow back darker and thicker (even though the Mayo Clinic clarifies that shaving does not actually change the texture or color of your hair, but rather the process just makes hair look more noticeable as it grows back), but if you have one random facial hair, shaving is probably not the best option, even though it won't make it grow back any darker or thicker.

If you have some noticeable hairs on your upper lip, chin or around your eyebrows, waxing is probably going to be the most efficient solution for removing several hairs at once, but if you have sensitive skin, or you only have a facial hair or two to remove, tweezing your facial hair is totally acceptable.

Not only is tweezing facial hair quick, easy, and affordable, but it is also the least irritating hair removal option — your skin might be red briefly, but it will clear in no time. So, get some good tweezers, keep them clean, and you are totally fine to remove those facial hairs by tweezing.

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Image: Fotolia