'GoT' Season 6 Needs To Solve These Book Mysteries

Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series are starting 2016 off with some depressing news from George R. R. Martin: The next book in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series (aka, the book series Game of Thrones is based on), The Winds of Winter , has no release date, and it definitely will not be published before Game of Thrones Season 6. If that's not enough to make you want to make like Jon Snow and take the black, Martin also admitted on his Live Journal that he has no idea when the sixth book in the series will be released. While Martin is writing away, though, the HBO series is going to keep right on marching on with Season 6 due to premiere in April. While the books and the show have diverged when it comes to many plot lines, the show is currently the only place where the ASOIAF book cliffhangers stand a chance of getting resolved. In other words, HBO is your only hope for answers.

For that reason, I need Game of Thrones Season 6 to resolve these nine book cliffhangers. Some of the lingering questions, particularly the ones surrounding Jon Snow's fate, will definitely be answered, while others will be trickier thanks to storyline changes. I have to put my fangirl faith in something though, so I'm going to hope against hope Season 6 can resolve these lingering plot lines. (And just in case it wasn't clear, here be potential show spoilers.)

1. Jon Snow's Fate

This one is a given: Book fans have been waiting to find out Jon's fate since 2012, and quite frankly, I'm tired of speculating. Is he Azor Ahai? Is he a wight? Is he just dead? Forget theorizing, let's get this case stamped closed early in Season 6 and move on with our lives — preferably with some version of Jon still in them.

2. Does L + R = J?

If Jon truly is a secret Targaryen, I want to know. Flashbacks to the Tower of Joy would be much appreciated — and, if it's not too much to ask, I would love to see Jon actually find out who his mother was, whether it was Lyanna or not.

3. Did Dany Have A Miscarriage In The Dothraki Sea?

Season 5 ended with Dany surrounded by Dothraki, but the series left out a puzzling passage from the book. Before she is discovered by the khalasar, Dany was incredibly ill. Fans have speculated with theories that she was suffering from the bloody flux, poisoned, or that she was having a miscarriage. If she was miscarrying, what does that mean for Mirri Maz's prophecy, and Dany's belief that she's infertile?

4. Will Brienne Deliver Jaime To Lady Stoneheart?

The show has completely diverged from Brienne and Jaime's book plot, but I'm going to need them to course correct, because as a die hard Brienne/Jaime shipper, this particular cliffhanger has been haunting my dreams. In the book, Brienne is last seen misleading Jaime in order to deliver him to Lady Stoneheart so Lady Stoneheart can have her vengeance and Brienne can saved Podrick — or so it seems. The two left Jaime's camp together and haven't been seen again since. I don't care how much work it takes, the show needs to get these two characters back together.

5. Is Bran Stuck Being A Tree?

Hey, I'm not knocking greensight. Being able to warg while also seeing the past, present, and the future is cool, but Bran had to become one with a tree to reach his full potential. I'm hoping the whole tree thing was like Luke Skywalker's stint in the swamp with Yoda in Star Wars, and not a permanent state of being.

6. Will Victarion Greyjoy Find The Horn That Controls Dragons?

Season 6 spoilers have revealed the Greyjoys are going to become part of the action this year, so I'm guessing Victarion's search for the magic dragon-controlling horn, Dragonbinder, will come into play. Victarion was last seen in the books heading to Meereen with a plan to find the horn, take control of the dragons, and marry Dany to secure his place as king of Westeros. Victarion is not the smartest guy in the room though, so I won't be surprised if his plan hits a couple thousand snags.

7. Is Jaqen H'ghar In Old Town?

There was a lot of stuff about to go down in Old Town/The Citadel at the end of A Feast for Crows, but Martin was only at the very beginning of the story. One of the most curious cliffhangers involved a Faceless Man killing and then disguising himself as a man named Pate, who immediately greets Sam once Sam arrives in Old Town. Popular opinion is the Faceless Man is Jaqen, but if it is, what is he doing at the Citadel and why is he cozying up to Sam?

8. Who Is The Valonqar?

Cersei is convinced the valonqar who was prophesied to kill her is Tyrion, but that's way too easy. In High Valyrian the word means "little brother," but Cersei technically has two of those since she was born before Jaime. I'm in no hurry to lose Cersei, but I am curious to see if the prophecy plays out in its entirety.

9. What Will Happen In The Battles Of Ice & Fire?

In the North, basically everyone was rising up against the Boltons at the end of A Dance with Dragons, while Meereen was being showered in fire. Who will live? Who will die? How cool will these battles look onscreen? Let's do this thing, Game of Thrones.

Who knows when the Winds of Winter will blow in, but as long as Season 6 brings with it a few answers — Martin-approved or not — I will thank the old gods and the new for HBO.

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