These Are The Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

The year 2016 has officially started, which means many people have already gotten started on making their New Year's resolutions come true. But if you're a little behind this year (or have been too busy recovering from all the holiday festivities), don't worry — Google's got your back. The search engine company has just released a list of the most-searched New Year's resolutions to help inspire you and get you started.

According to Time, Google picked out the top 10 “how-to” questions that spiked in search in the United States in the week before and the week after New Year’s Day 2015. Most of the results aren't exactly surprising, but there is one definite trend.

Whether it's looking for stress-busting tricks or searching for new ways to cook with cabbage, lentils, and collard greens, most of the popular resolutions point to adopting a much healthier lifestyle. That's not a huge shock — after all, resolving to eat better or exercise more seems pretty cliché by now. But what does stand out is the refreshing way in which individuals are hoping to make that change. No longer are people Googling crazy and useless fad diets. Instead, they are making healthier promises to eat more vegetables, cook at home, and drink a lot of water.

Those aren't the only resolutions on the list that indicate a desire for self-improvement. Some of the searching, like "how to write a resignation letter," also point to wanting to make career changes.

Check out the full list of Google's most-searched resolutions below:

1. how to get rid of stress

2. how to make kale chips

3. how much water should i drink to lose weight

4. how to write a resignation letter

5. how to cook lentils

6. how to cook cabbage

7. how to write a letter of recommendation

8. how to cook collard greens

9. how to steam broccoli

10. how to crochet a beanie

As for No. 10, "how to crochet a beanie," well, all I can say is it's never too late to take up a new hobby.

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