This Cut Of 'Inside Out' Without Riley's Emotions Will Make You Cry Even More Than The Movie Did — VIDEO

Did you go through an entire box of Kleenex while watching the animated sobfest that is Inside Out? If so, you're certainly not alone (I was already crying by the time the short film before the movie ended) but you may not have realized just how sad this film could have actually been. University of Utah film student Jordan Hanzon did, however, and he created a new version of Inside Out guaranteed to bum you out even more than the original film. Hanzon's "Outside Edition" of Inside Out features none of the living "feelings" that viewers loved so much in the original, and watching the movie without them feels a lot like your entire brain has been taken over by Sadness.

As you might recall, Inside Out tells the story of pre-teen Riley, who, like everyone else in this Pixar world, is governed by five main emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, and Sadness. All of these emotions are personified in Riley's head, and keep her content and out of trouble. Unfortunately, the balance of these emotions is thrown out of whack after Riley makes a big move from the Midwest to San Francisco. The typically happy Riley isn't sure that she likes her new surroundings, and misses her friends and life back home. Unfortunately, she also feels pressure from her parents to continue to be their "happy girl," and tries to suppress her feelings of sadness. But instead of being happy, Riley becomes emotionally distant, bitter, and aloof — all because she's not acknowledging how she really feels, which is sad. It's only when Sadness finally gets to shine inside Riley's brain that Riley is able to start accepting her move to San Francisco as her new reality.

Yet in the "Outside Edition" created by Hanzon, viewers don't get to see any of the inner workings of Riley's brain. Instead, the story plays out as a rather depressing tale of a girl taken from a life she loves. Riley's journey is realistic, but it's also, well, really, really sad. There's zero comic relief from the emotions inside of Riley's head, or really any indication that Riley might feel anything but unhappy in the near future. Basically, watching the "Outside Edition" of Inside Out is like reliving your pre-teen nightmares all over again in animated form. Sounds fun, right?

Check out the "Outside Edition" for yourself below — and maybe keep an extra pack of Kleenex handy. You've been warned.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy