Laverne's Swimsuit Selfie Keeps Cut-Outs On Trend

While the majority of us were sleeping off holiday food comas before it was time to suit up for New Year's Eve, Laverne Cox was up to other things. Scrolling through Instagram, you might spot Laverne Cox's cut-out swimsuit in your feed, with her gearing up to hit the pool and start off her 2016 right.

According to People, "Laverne Cox got in on the holiday selfie Instagram action, sharing a snap of her racy swim look on Instagram Tuesday." Sporting a black one-piece with cut-outs racing down all through the front, Cox is not only vacation-ready but proof incarnate that the cut-out swimsuit trend is definitely not a thing of the past. If anything, it might just get a second wind this year. Seriously, it's hard not to become inspired when looking at this image. In the mirror selfie with her hair pulled over to one side, the actress captioned the fab look with, "This girl desperately needs a vacation. Earlier before I hit the pool. #TransIsBeautiful."

While some of us might get Jersey Shore flashbacks looking at cut-out dresses and one-piece bathing suits, Cox proves the look is still very much in vogue and classy. Here are a few other times the actress wore (and nailed) the trend.

1. Showing Off Her Bargain Finds

Cox snapped a selfie earlier this weekend showing off her bargain-hunting skills, proving that it's possible to find bomb swimsuits for under $20 if we really try.

2. Classing It Up For Events She's Speaking At

Dressed in a clean-lined dress with tasteful cut-outs running near her waist and décolletage, Cox looked very demure as a panel speaker at Cosmopolitan's 2015 Fun Fearless Life event.

3. Rocking The Cut-Outs During Awards Season

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cox's award season dresses also showcase her penchant for the cut-out trend. She donned a bright blue Calvin Klein creation to the 2015 Emmys that nipped at the waist and bust.

Whether it's via swimsuit styles or serious ballgowns, Cox is proof that the cut-out trend is here to stay for a while.