7 Miley Cyrus Relationship Anthems To Bring You Back To Your Angsty Teen Years

If you haven't already heard, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were seen together in Australia over the weekend, hanging out at a music festival and reportedly spotted getting very cozy. That considerably surprising news sent a bunch of befuddled people into a tizzy, but I took this development differently than most — I took it musically. You see, Cyrus has always been very much attuned to her feelings, and all I could think of at the hint of a possible Miley and Liam reunion was a "Wrecking Ball" remix music video with Hemsworth making a cheeky cameo a la Pink and Carey Hart with her "So What" vid. Unsurprisingly, these sorts of thoughts sent me on a Miley Cyrus music spiral. Hey, it happens.

It's just so easy to spiral with music you spent your formative years crying and jamming out to, you know? Being only a year older than Cyrus, I always really got where she was coming from emotionally as an angsty, lovestruck teen. Even her pop-filled Bangerz album managed to produce a variety of cathartic tunes for me to wallow in throughout my early twenties.

So, in light of the Cyrus and Hemsworth speculation, here are seven of Miley Cyrus's — and to be honest, some of Hannah Montana's — best, most emotional relationship anthems.

1. "Adore You"

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

*Lights candles*

2. "Seven Things"

HollywoodRecordsVEVO on YouTube

You're welcome for the time travel experience.

3. "If We Were A Movie"

SuperJonasmiley on YouTube

I can't accurately express just how loud I used to sing this on the way to high school.

4. "Wrecking Ball"

Miley Cyrus Europe on YouTube

*Reopens old wound on purpose*

5. "When I Look At You"

Touchstone Pictures on YouTube

I mean, given the subject material...

6. "My Darlin'"

Mary G. on YouTube

So underrated.

7. "Drive"

John Silva on YouTube

Bangerz was a love ballad gift, truly.

Maybe Cyrus and Hemsworth's time together in Australia will spark more love song material? One can hope.