8 Ways To Style Your New Fitness Tracker

by Alexa Tucker

Fitness trackers are a great way to tune into our health, but they aren't exactly subtle accessories. Whether you're the proud new owner of a new Fitbit, Jawbone, or Microsoft Band, here are eight ways to style your fitness tracker. If you're worried about lugging around an eyesore on your wrist, it doesn't have to be a crime against fashion — I swear.

It seems like the most efficient and effective fitness trackers tend to be the most obvious ones, unfortunately. The popular and high-tech Fitbit Charge HR is bulkier than any of the brands' other products (save for the Surge), while the sleek, bracelet-like Jawbone UP3 isn't as highly reviewed as many of its competitors. When it comes to fitness trackers, you win some, you lose some.

No need to sacrifice your style just to keep up with your activity stats, though. After wearing it for a while, you start to forget what your wrist ever looked like without one. But just because you're rocking a fitness band doesn't mean your wrist real estate is totally taken up — there are plenty of ways to integrate your new favorite gadget into your ensemble.

Here are eight ideas for styling your fitness tracker to add fashion to function.

Arm Party

One of the best ways to style a fitness tracker is to make it the newest member of your arm party. Stack your favorite bracelets above and below it, and it's the last thing people will see when they're admiring your wrist bling.

Matching Manicure

Wearing a flashy fitness tracker is the perfect opportunity to go monochrome and match your mani to the hue of your device. Whether it's metallic, bright, or neutral, it's a great excuse to buy a new bottle of polish.

Boho Bracelets

If you're not all about the bling, incorporate your fitness tracker into your collection of boho bracelets. The interesting textures will tone down the modern vibe of a fitness tracker.

Stacked Rings

Give your fitness tracker a solo role on your wrist and up your jewelry game with hands full of stylish, stacked rings – they'll distract from your tracker, if that's what you're after.

In Disguise

Scunci Fitness Tracker, $9.99,

Not about the fitness tracker look entirely? Some devices can go undercover in fake ribbon hair bands.

Banded Together

Natasha Accessories Pony Hair Ties, $9.97,

If your fitness tracker can't exactly be disguised (oh hey, Fitbit Charge HR), keep up the active vibe by adding a couple colorful ribbon hairbands to your wrist with your device. Hey, they might come in handy, too.

Device Accessories

Brass Matisse Frame for Fitbit, $100,

Many devices have their own accessory options, from attachments to full-on covering cuffs. Bytten makes cute silver and gold slide-on panels for several different brands and models.

Like A Fitness Tracker

Hey, a fitness tracker is made to be one thing: a fitness tracker. Why not embrace it? It may seem like a bulky bother at first, but once you get into the rhythm of keeping tabs on your activity with it, you won't care that it doesn't exactly match your perfectly curated looks. Happy tracking!

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Images: Courtesy of Brands