Is Your Septum Piercing Infected Or Just Healing?

Septum piercings are definitely trending hard right now, with even a slew of celebs spotted rocking the look recently. If you, too, have just gotten one and are wondering how to know if your septum piercing is infected or just healing, that's a totally normal question! The pain during the healing process can get pretty intense and it's hard to know whether or not you have a bigger issue at hand.

The full healing time for a septum piercing is anywhere from six to eight months and, according to Skin-Artists, your whole nose can seriously ache for the first three weeks. BodyPiercingMag added that white build-up and discharge around the piercing is super normal, along with a little initial swelling that could cause your piercing to appear slightly crooked. That said, your discharge and swelling could also be indicators of something more serious.

If you're concerned you might have an infection, look closely at your discharge. Is it white? If you see green or yellow-tinged discharge (or really, any color other than white), you need to give your doctor or piercer a call to figure out a treatment method. Additionally, when it comes to your swelling, if your septum also feels hot to the touch or is swelling in a particularly dramatic way, get professional medical help quickly.

Luckily, infections can be pretty easily avoided as long as you follow the aftercare tips below!

1. Don' Touch It

Seriously, don't play with it, don't wiggle it, and just let it be. If you absolutely have to flip it up for work, make sure your hands are 100 percent clean.

2. Do Salt Water Soaks

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Soaking your piercing in salt water is crucial to keep it clean and infection-free. Simply dissolve a 1/4 teaspoon of pure sea salt (not table salt) into one cup of warm water and soak your piercing in the mixture for several minutes.

3. Take Anti-Inflammatories

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To reduce the pain and swelling in the first few weeks, take anti-inflammatories as necessary. Don't overdo it, though!

If you're still unsure about your piercing, call your piercer to see whether or not you should go back to the shop for a closer look.

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