Essential Beauty Hacks You Need This Winter

Dry winter skin should have to bring you down. In fact, there are several ways to fight off even the harshest of winter beauty issues. It's all about learning what works best for your routine. Just because the weather has turned colder outside doesn't mean that your skin needs to suffer. Forget about cracked cuticles and flaky skin — those are officially a thing of your past. Amp up your beauty routine to include products that help to nourish your body from the inside out. Reach for products that offer hydrating ingredients and powerful proteins to revitalizing your skin from head-to-toe.

When it comes to changing your daily routine to fit the colder months, it's all about protecting the your natural moisture barrier. This is what keeps your skin feeling moist, hydrated, and overall normal, according to Protecting it is essential, but it can be irritated by a range of outside forces, from gusting winds to dry indoor heat. So while taking care of your skin is a no-brainer, knowing exactly how to do that can be a little tricky. Here are nine beauty hacks that will help protect and restore your hair, skin, and nails this winter.

1. Switch Your Exfoliator

Gel Peel, $48, Sephora

During the winter, we tend to think that exfoliation is key for removing our dead skin cells. However, the experts at state that exfoliating already-dry skin can cause your delicate tissues to tear and break, making the rawness worse. Instead of your usual scrubs, remove dead skin cells by using less abrasive methods. The team at suggest using gel peels to remove any buildup instead.

2. Apply Tea Bags To Windburned Lips


Harsh winds can definitely take a toll on your sensitive lips, but you can soothe windburned lips with chilled tea bags. According to, the tannins in the tea help to heal and hydrate your burned lips. After you brew your favorite cuppa, gently dab the cooled-down bags on any chapped areas.

3. Add Oatmeal To Your Bath

Oatmeal isn't just an amazing breakfast food; it's also great for solving even the harshest of skin issues. Soothe dry, red skin by taking an oatmeal bath. Oats contain certain fats that help to lubricate and moisturize dead skin. They are also made of complex sugars that help to heal dryness and itchiness, according to Cosmopolitan .

4. Use A Humidifier

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Fight off dry skin while you sleep! According to, humidifiers are great tools for adding moisture back into the air during the colder months. The mist helps to replenish the air with helpful humidity that keeps harsh winter skin at bay.

5. Try Tea Tree Oil

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Scalp issues such as psoriasis and eczema can flare up during the colder months. You can fight off flakes and prevent dry caps by using tea tree oil. New York makeup artist Dana Rae is one of many beauty mavens who swear by the stuff for a dry scalp. You can use a cleansing treatment that's infused with the stuff, or add a couple drops of the essential oil to your regular shampoo and conditioner.

6. Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair

Coconut Oil, $6, Amazon

With winter winds, drying indoor heat, and the fact that going outside for anything (even a haircut) seems terrible, split ends are bound to happen. While a trim is best, you can temporarily soften the look of strands by adding a touch of coconut oil to your ends. According to Cosmopolitan, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and proteins that help to keep your hair feeling hydrated and looking healthy.

7. Moisturize While You Shower

In-Shower Lotion, $3, Amazon

Get the most out of your steamy shower by moisturizing your skin while you bathe. As the steam opens up your pores, these in-shower lotions work to hydrate even the deepest layers of your skin.

8. Perfect Your Pout

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Bold lips are always on trend in the winter, but chapped lips are not. Create your own lip scrub by using a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil to scrub away any dead skin cells before you apply that perfect shade of red.

9. Add Almond Oil

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Split, cracked cuticles are totally painful. Fix them this winter season by slathering your cuticles in almond oil. Almond oil helps to persevere the skin's natural moisture balance as well as heal any splitting nails, according to

Winter doesn't have to get you down. Heal all of your winter skin beauty issues by knowing these nine hacks.

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