Channing Tatum Outperforms Elsa In "Let It Go"

by Michelle Lulic

Watch out, Elsa! Even though we all know that you're the Queen, it seems like you may have some tough competition. In a new sneak preview of Thursday, January 7's episode of Spike's Lip Sync Battle, Channing Tatum performed Frozen's "Let It Go," while going up against his wife in what is sure to be the greatest competition since, well, ever. However, with his music choice, costume, wig, dance moves, and set decoration all being nothing less than on point... it seems as if the Queen of Arendelle might be the one who really needs to watch out for her throne. As the Magic Mike star takes the stage in a shockingly more kid-appropriate — yet still totally swoon-worthy — way than we've ever seen him in before, he is proving that he can be both elegant and fierce. And it seems like this battle may actually be a full fledged war, because who really makes a better ice queen?

According to the short clip we've seen so far, I'm leaning towards actually transferring the crown from Elsa to Jenna Dewan's husband — never mind if this battle is actually supposed to be about Jenna's beating him at lip syncing. But, first, let's just all watch the clip from the Channing Tatum performance that is putting Elsa's crown up for grabs in the first place.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, it's time to tally up the scores.

First up, let's compare the key factor in any performance: Wardrobe. As far as wardrobe goes, how could anyone really compare to Elsa's ability to magically change her wardrobe?

Well, with Channing's ability to show a little leg... his fashion sense is almost completely out-shining Elsa's changing look!

Next up, the spinning abilities are going head-to-head.

And things are getting pretty serious.

Then, when it comes to audience reactions, it seems as if Elsa performs completely alone.

While Channing has the benefit of a cheering crowd and multiple dancing snowflakes to push his score up even more.

However, the ice Queen herself is scoring points of her own with her mere ability to build an entire ice castle while she's singing.

And as for Channing? Well, he has the snow, but there's no castle to be seen.

However, he's still an obvious force to be reckoned with, making it an overall close call! In order for us to make a final decision on who really is Disney's Queen, we're just going to have to wait to watch the full performance. You can catch the battle between Channing and Jenna (or Channing and Elsa) on Spike at 10 p.m. EST, Thursday, January 7th. Bring it on, Elsa! Bring. It. On.

Images: Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube (4); Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube (4)