Make Watching 'Love' The Resolution You Stick To

by Emily Lackey

Get ready, Resolutioners, because, as the vows to make it to the gym five days a week and eat only coffee grounds in the morning start to wane, you’re going to start beating yourself up for not sticking to your resolutions yet again. And, honestly, I don’t want to see you do that. So I have an idea. Instead of going to town on the self-flagellation, how about you try making a resolution that you know you can stick to? Just one. Because it’s not too late. So here’s the one that I think will be easy for all of us to stick to in 2016: Watching Judd Apatow’s new comedy Love on Netflix, especially since it finally has a premiere date.

This way, when all the other impossible promises you made while full of champagne and shrimp cocktail on New Year’s Eve fall by the wayside, you’ll still feel like a total success. This way, at least one thing will definitely hold fast. Love, which will premiere on February 19th, is the perfect resolution to make. Namely because you can definitely stick to it. Right around the time you are starting to eat pancakes again and giving up on the gym for a cozy night at home, Love will enter your life halfway through February and hold you through your bitter self-hatred and disappointment. Love will help you get through those sad times and help you to sink back into your routine that you had before you tried to change yourself into something that you’re not: Netflix, a holey pair of sweatpants, and a bag of Doritos half-empty in your lap.

The show stars Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs as Gus and Mickey, a couple navigating all the wonderful, horrifying, and humiliating things that come from relationships. You know, all the things that most romantic comedies skip right over like delusional little fairies. Instead, this show gets right to the heart of the reality of love and relationships. The fact that Netflix is releasing the entire 10 episode season a few days after Valentine’s Day doesn’t hurt either.

So, get those sweatpants out of the closet, my friends. Stock up on Doritos before the Superbowl crowd does. And get ready for a resolution we can all stick to in 2016.