Prince Harry Drank Booze From A Prosthetic Leg & Built Fancy Toilets On South Pole Trek

In December, Prince Harry participated in an expedition to the South Pole with the organization Walking with the Wounded in which three teams of people, including wounded soldiers and some special guests (like Prince Harry), raced to the South Pole from an area of Antarctica closer to the coast. The challenge has been completed, so now some stories about what the teams did for fun on the trip are coming out. According to actor Dominic West, Prince Harry drank champagne out of prosthetic legs and built castle-like latrines. Hopefully these are two of the most interesting things that happened, because I don't know if it can get any better than that.

West, who was a star on The Wire, said that when the team arrived at the South Pole, "The Icelandic truck drivers who were driving the support vehicles had saved some booze for us to celebrate, so we had a bit of a binge. We were drinking champagne out of one of the team [member's] prosthetic legs."

The team member, Duncan Slater, confirmed this in an interview with the Telegraph saying, "I kinda used my legs as a sort of primitive ice bucket. Wedged the bottles in there and passed them around. I don’t know why we did it, we just did." Well, it sounds like an appropriately strange way to celebrate something as mind-blowing as being at the South Pole.

Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Both men sound glad that Prince Harry participated the trek and not just because he was down to drink out of artificial legs. Slater noted that Harry "spread himself quite thin" saying that he made sure to spend time with people on all three of the teams. West pointed out "It was cool having Harry there because he was very much part of the team. He seemed to specialize in building the latrines, and he built these incredibly elaborate ones." What? How elaborate could an Antarctic potty get?

"He did one with castellated sides and a flag pole, a loo roll holder, and you're sitting there thinking, 'This is a real royal flush.' He must have spent about 40 minutes making it." So West's joke is pretty lame, but I'd like to see that latrine. Is it made completely out of ice? What do you use for the "loo roll holder?" We have questions, Harry! Stop spending your time doing charitable events and start showing use the blueprints for these latrines!