Beth Stelling's Ex-Boyfriend Denies Her Abuse Claims As Another Alleged Victim Comes Forward

In late December, comedian Beth Stelling alleged in an Instagram post that she had been physically and sexually abused by an ex-boyfriend; Stelling did not name her alleged abuser, but shortly after the post went viral, the person she was accusing was identified as comedian Cale Hartmann. On December 30, Hartmann denied Stelling’s accusation of abuse in a Facebook post. On January 1, another comedian, Courtney Pauroso, alleged in a podcast that she had also been raped by the man who assaulted Stelling.

After Stelling posted her story on Instagram, along with pictures of her badly bruised legs and arm, Hartmann’s Twitter and other social media accounts were deactivated. He has since returned to social media, and, last Wednesday, posted a lengthy Facebook response to Stelling’s accusations. He wrote,

He went on to claim that Stelling’s accusations are false:

Hartmann continued,

In the Instagram post in which she claimed to have been abused, Stelling wrote, “An ex-girlfriend of this ex-boyfriend came to me and shared that she experienced the same fate.” In an emotional episode of We Should Have A Podcast recorded Friday, comedian Courtney Pauroso came forward as that ex, saying, “What happened to Beth… it happened to me, too.”

Pauroso went on to allege that Hartmann, whom she had dated for three years, raped her when she tried to break up with him in September of 2014. She explained, “It took me a long time to use the word ‘rape.’ It took a long time for me to acknowledge that what had happened.” Pauroso described Hartmann's denial of Stelling's allegations as "upsetting," and said, “I know Beth is telling the truth.”