Ben Higgins' Celebrity Lookalike Will Change How You Look At 'The Bachelor' For The Next 3 Months

This is it, Bachelor fans. The night we've all been waiting for is finally here! On Monday night, Ben Higgins kicks off his season of The Bachelor , which means there's a night full of limo arrivals and plenty of boozing ahead of us all. And if you're planning on spending the evening drooling over how beautiful Higgins is, I have just the thing that will ruin it all for you. Ready? Here it is: Ben Higgins looks exactly like Peter Brady. That Peter Brady. From The Brady Bunch.

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this revelation. Fans on Twitter have been talking about the resemblance already, and once you've seen it, you can't unsee it. It's true. Higgins looks eerily like the middle Brady son, for reasons that are obvious as soon as you look at his face. Same smile, same eyes, same haircut. It's all there. Are we sure that Higgins should even be on The Bachelor right now? Isn't he wasting his Peter Brady lookalike talents on ABC when he could actually be starring in a revival of everyone's favorite '70s sitcom? Is this something the people he knows in real life have pointed out to him, or does Higgins live oblivious to his secret twin? I have so many questions!

Let's take a moment and compare. This is Peter Brady:

This is Ben Higgins:

Separated at birth. And fans on Twitter just can't stop talking about it, and I can't blame them. Neither can I, now that I've realized how similar they look.

It's going to be a long season, looking at the actual Bachelor and only seeing Peter Brady. Here's a story of 28 lovely ladies...

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