Inflatable Sleep Hoodies Are A Gift To Humankind

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Until this moment, you may have thought that the hoodie — that hardworking mainstay of closets everywhere, packing a triple punch of warmth, storage, and coziness — represented the pinnacle of sartorial achievement — if not human achievement, full stop. But a new product shows how even the hoodie — yes, the hoodie — can bear improvement: This new hoodie has an inflatable pillow inside. That’s right, folks. This hoodie is also basically a bed, and we now have nothing to stop us from sleeping, literally, at all times.

Created by Josh Woodle and Elaine Yue, the “Hypnos Hoodie” is a relaxed-fit hoodie with an inflatable pillow embedded in the hood. There’s a valve to one side of the hood (near the wearer’s mouth) through which wearer can inflate the pillow in any situation that calls for a nap. Woodle and Yue designed the hood to be oversized, so that the pillow inside is not obvious, even when it’s inflated.

Hypnos is currently raising money to fund the first production of sleep hoodies via Kickstarter. With less than a week left of its campaign, the company has already raised more than twice its original goal, which suggests that in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be seeing people all over the place — airports, public parks, classrooms, work — grabbing shut eye in hoodied-comfort.

The pillow is designed to fit into an insert inside the hoodie’s hood:

Here’s what the hood looks like with the pillow inflated:

To achieve your sleep-hoodie, napping-in-public dreams, check out the Hypnos Hoodir Kickstarter page.

Images: YouTube (5)