'Shark Tank's Fire Avert Is Available Now To Make The Kitchen Safer

Holiday shopping may be over, but get ready for January's first good reason to buy more stuff: new episodes of Shark Tank. That means more products like Shark Tank 's Fire Avert, aka more opportunities to justify spending even more money in 2016 under the guise of the show's inventions making your life easier. So, in advance of Shark Tank's Jan. 5 return, check out Fire Avert, one of the first products that will try to make a deal with the Sharks. Created and pitched by firefighter Peter Thorpe, the Fire Avert seeks to help prevent and extinguish kitchen fires.

Seriously, this is a good investment for anyone who has old appliances or a stove/oven that can catch fire easily. While some products are the sort of things that shock you with how innovative they are, sometimes it's even better if they're so simple, you can't believe they don't already exist. The latter is where Fire Avert falls: it's an attachment that cuts off power to your stove and/or oven when your smoke alarm goes off in order to hopefully remove the heat source on the food or debris that's about to catch fire and save you from dealing with dangerous flames.

ActiveFirePrevention on YouTube

If that's something you want in your kitchen ASAP, I have good news. Fire Avert is available now through the company's website and Amazon. The price ranges from $195 on Amazon to $150 on the Fire Avert site. And once you get it, the product should be easy to install, since it's just a plug that goes between your wall and stove. Plug it into the wall, then plug the stove into the Fire Avert, and you should have a safer kitchen right away. It's a great tool, but that price is definitely going to be a sticking point for the Sharks, so if Thorpe doesn't have the sales to back it up, he might get the boot.

But another major selling point that Fire Avert should play up in its Shark Tank presentation is that Thorpe is a firefighter who decided to develop the project because he saw how many fires begin in the kitchen. He told the Insurance Partners Academy, "For whatever reason—forgetfulness, neglect, absentmindedness or distraction—it is a fact that people leave their stoves on when they should be turned off, leading to fires." He goes on to explain how unintentionally burning stoves will be turned off much sooner with Fire Avert than they would if waiting for someone in the household to notice the fire.

Anyone who gets forgetful in the kitchen could probably use the Fire Avert, and it's easy to use. However, with the high cost, it could come down to creator Peter Thorpe's ability to sell the product with his firefighting experience in order to land a deal on Shark Tank.

Images: Beth Dubber/ABC; Giphy