Where To Buy Total Tie Keep From 'Shark Tank' & Make Sure Every Suit Is Sharp

Seeing Joy over the holidays was enough to make every household object look like a potential million-dollar invention. But since i'm not an innovator anywhere near Joy Mangano's level, I settle for watching Shark Tank, which returns on Jan. 5 with new episodes and new things that will make you say "how did I not think of that?" One such invention is the Total Tie Keep, a simple tie clip billed by its inventors as the "ultimate tie accessory" because of the way it flawlessly keeps a tie straight.

If you or someone you know is a tie-lover, it's not too expensive to try one out — you can order a single Total Tie Clip from the company's website for just $6.99, or a four pack for $19.99. They are available in a few colors, and only come in a single size, so no need to worry about sending it back for being too small or large. It's the perfect gift for a vaguely impersonal acquaintance, or a banker/lawyer/other tie-wearing professional whom you hold near and dear. The functionality of the Total Tie Keep is easy: it buttons to a standard collared shirt and features two loops that connect to the narrow back part of a standard necktie. Thread it in, then lace it through the loop on the back of the thicker front part of the tie. OK, so when I describe it, it doesn't sound that easy. But the Total Tie Keep smartly added an online tutorial that demonstrates how to use the product.

drelittlejohn on YouTube

But the blog Shark Tank Success is skeptical about Total Tie Keep's potential on the show. It points out that the product's patent is eight years old, and its low Internet presence with absolutely no social media suggests that the Total Tie Keep isn't being sold or marketed properly by creator Dwight Littlejohn, who will be making the pitch.

It's a little weird to find out that the Total Tie Keep will be appearing on the show since it's a years-old product with a rather limited use. But there are certainly plenty of people on the Shark panel who wear ties. Will that be enough to ensure that the Total Tie Clip gets a deal? Since most tie-wearers don't seem to have a serious problem keeping their neckties in place, the sales had better be amazing — it's other best chance is for resident style expert Daymond John to throw in his vote of confidence. Otherwise, it seems like a bit of an uphill battle for Total Tie Clip to convince one of the Sharks to invest thousands into its future.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC