A Guide to Shopping Plus-Size Jeans

For a woman of any size, finding a good pair of jeans can be overwhelming. There's so much to take into consideration, like how wide you want the leg to be, or whether you want to show off your bum, or how high a rise fits flatters you. Factor in a fuller-figure, and the options quickly diminish. So not only is it a pain in the ass to find the right fit and style, you also have to ID a brand that makes size you need.

Jeans can be such a huge confidence-booster, though, so they're definitely worth the hassle. Want to make your legs look longer? Jeans can do it. Want to show how great your hips are? There's bound to be denim for that. But finding the right ones is key, so here's my jean guide for the plus-size gal, including the best place to shop each look:

The High-Waist Jean

High-waist jeans are a classic… literally. They've got that vintage look that's very on-trend. They've endured because they're flattering; the high-waist emphasizes the silhouette from the waist all the way down to the calf. Like a good bodycon dress, this type of jean will go in at the waist, out at the hips and in at the thighs, creating an ultra-hourglass shape for anyone wanting to show off the beauty in curves while keeping things a little retro.

Best place to shop: ASOS Curve

The Skinny Jean

A lot of plus-size women stay away from skinny jeans because they are so tight to the body — but that's kind of the point. Nothing says "confidence" like wearing a formfitting pair of jeans. And they're flattering: the tightness will especially emphasize the curvature of your hips, bum, and thighs. Plus, no matter your aesthetic, skinny jeans will work, and there's a wealth of colors and prints to pick from.

Best place to shop: Torrid Denim

The Jegging

Jeggings are ideal when you want the perfect combo of comfort and style. They're basically the look of jeans with the jammie-feel of sweatpants. Normally jeggings come in a skinny jean fit, but sometimes in high-rise as well, which means any body type will probably find a match. The high-rise fit tends to suit a pear-shape, as it really shows off the waist and hips, while the lower-rise skinny is a lovely match for an hourglass or apple who wants to focus on the hips and thighs.

Best place to shop: Evans

The Hip-Hugger

If you happen to be proud of your derriere, try hip-hugging jeans. They tend to go ultra-tight on the hips and bum, making your butt the focus. The great thing about hip-huggers is that the width of the leg can vary immensely, so whether you want a skinny or wide-leg fit, you'll find something that still puts the focus low. Women of any size can get self conscious about wide hips, but they're one of the best parts of being female: embrace them.

Best place to shop: City Chic

The Boyfriend Jean

Boyfriend jeans are named appropriately: they've got that casual, looser feel to them that you've probably envied on your guy friends while your ultra-skinnies stick to your skin. While the boyfriend isn't for a hot night out — though, hey, prove me wrong — they're great for lounging on the couch, an afternoon of shopping, or a stroll on the boardwalk. Boyfriend styles keep your silhouette a little mysterious; they often do a great job at hugging the hips whilst letting the bum and thighs breathe a little.

Best place to shop: SimplyBe

The Wide-Leg Jean

I always promote learning to love every part of your body, but if you really don't fancy your calves, wide-leg jeans are meant for you. You can find a cut that focuses on a body part you do like, whether that be your hips or legs, while letting your calves breath a little. Or, if you just don't want to feel constrained by a pair of jeans in general, wide-leg is often a good choice.

Best place to shop: Addition Elle

Image: Wikimedia Commons