Seth Meyers' 'Making A Murderer' Spoof Is Hilariously Strange & So Spot-On — VIDEO

If you're like me, then you used this past holiday break to consume inordinate amounts of cookies (in the name of the holiday spirit, OK?) and marathon Netflix's original true crime series, Making a Murderer. Like last year's HBO documentary The Jinx and the true crime podcast Serial, Making a Murderer has captivated a wide — and passionate — audience since its debut, including several Late Night staff members, who are using the show not just as fodder for interesting conversation, but for joke material. On Tuesday, Seth Meyers released a promo clip for Late Night called "Making a Talk Show Host", and it spoofed the 10-part series with hilarious and painstaking accuracy.

Like a lot of the show, which investigates the incrimination of Steven Avery, the skit revolves around a phone conversation. During it, Meyers and an NBC staff member are discussing the host's own "sentence." After Meyers has been away for two weeks, the staff member tells him that he's "gotta come back" because "they don't got no more reruns." All of this, of course, happens in a Manitowoc county accent. Bless.

"I gotta come back?," Meyers responds. "Supposing I don't wanna come back?" The Late Night crew then proceeds to spoof a particular conversation that Steven Avery had with his brother Chuck in Episode 3. Warns the staffer, "Don't get strange", to which Meyers responds, "I'm not strange!" While all of this is happening, the camera pans over the abandoned Late Night studio, as if it's the Avery property, minus the cars and snow. After some more back and forth, Meyers finally agrees that he will come back to the show, and asks, "what time's the show on again?" The NBC staff member answers, "12:35," and then Meyers finally replies, "God, that's late."

Then, viewers are gifted with photographic evidence of Meyers during his two weeks hiatus, and man, does he look eerily similar to Steven Avery. He's got the long blonde beard and everything. Genius work, Photoshop. Genius work.

Watch the full clip below. Good job, Meyers — I think you're the only person that could have me laughing about this case, after I've spent far too long seriously mulling it over in my head (i.e. falling into a deep, dark hole of confusion).

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Images: Late Night With Seth Meyers/Youtube