Leo Just Got Another Shot at Oscar Gold

Is there a chance of Leonardo DiCaprio winning that Oscar after all? Turns out, there may actually be: According to The Huffington Post, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese just received additional Oscar nominations for their roles as producers of The Wolf of Wall Street, making them both double nominees for the upcoming award show — DiCaprio previously got a Best Actor nomination, and Scorsese got Best Director.

So, what exactly does this mean for the Oscars themselves? DiCaprio now has more of a chance of winning, of course, and it may signify that the Academy doesn't hate The Wolf of Wall Street as much as initially thought. Remember that Academy member who heckled DiCaprio and Scorsese after a screening of The Wolf of Wall Street (who wasn't named Armond White)? Maybe they're the only person who hated it!

This new Oscar nomination gives DiCaprio five lifetime Oscar nominations including three for Best Actor, and one for Best Supporting Actor (for his stellar role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? back in 1997). Honestly, I'm still shocked that DiCaprio didn't win an Oscar for his role in Django Unchained — the man literally sliced his hand open and kept on going in a scene, and still no Oscar? C'mon, guys, someone give him an award before he really hurts himself.

Image: Funnyjunk