Now A LEGO Cereal Machine Can Serve Your Breakfast

If there was one thing that I felt my apartment needed, it would without a doubt be a LEGO cereal machine resting on my kitchen counter. A beautiful marriage of technology, food, and a children's toy that is easily the greatest machine to do so since the Easy Bake Oven. Designed to be refilled multiple times and accept money, this baby will have you pulling out your coin purse with out a second glance at your bank account balance.

Designed by AstonishingStudios on YouTube, this machine is made up of Mindstorm electronics pieces and is basically a tiny robot. Feel free to clap, because honestly, LEGOs are the greatest thing in the world. I'm genuinely a lover of all things LEGO. Growing up in Russia I didn't have access to the name brand toy, so I played with this pink and blue knock-off set that I loved dearly. It was seriously the best thing ever. These plastic pieces can build buildings, ships, cars and your favorite movie characters — and now FOOD DISPENSERS. Specifically cereal. Which is impressive to say the least. I watched with fascination as the instructional video gave us a peek in to the machine. It was like an episode of How It's Made (which is a show more people should be into). As the creator you would have to provide the cereal and milk as well as purchase all of the pieces, and together they can form a machine that charges by the bowl. I won't attempt to do the math on how many bowls it would take the offset the cost, but I think it's worth it. If only to show people you made something awesome.

Just imagine pulling out this baby in the morning, yawning and pulling out a small bowl. As the cereal automatically spills onto the bottom of the dish you know its going to taste so much better because you made it with your own hands. Below are some of the feature of this incredible machine you can build at home, yourself.

1. Step One: Put In Some Money

This baby can take Euros for all of our foreign viewers.

2. Step Two: Press The Button

You press a small button and watch as delicious food is put inside your bowl and drenched in milk. Perfection. I couldn't help but think this would be a really cool machine to have in the opening credits of Back To The Future . Trust me, others agree.

3. Step Three: Enjoy

Guys, there is a compartment for spoons. Like, a separate drawer for utensils. If that's not love I don't really know what love is.


Just because you have a cool ass new machine doesn't mean you can forget to keep fresh milk on hand. I recommend keeping this in the fridge until you need to use it in the morning. Otherwise, MAKE THIS AT YOUR HOME ASAP.

Watch the full demonstration video below!

Images: YouTube