The NRA Snarkily Live-Tweets Obama's Gun Control Speech & Passive-Aggressively Misses The Point

President Obama delivered a lengthy speech Tuesday regarding his plans to reduce gun violence in the face of rampant mass shootings. The president's goals are ultimately to "bring outdated background checks into the 21st century." What that means is a comprehensive federal overhaul of such security measures, as well as the hiring of more ATF personnel. The plan also includes ways to address mental health issues that have further upped gun fatalities. Additionally, research into gun safety technology has become a prime focus. Needless to say, gun lobbyists are not very happy about Tuesday's announcement. The NRA's response to Obama's executive actions is incredibly snarky.

The organization issued a series of tweets commenting on Obama's speech as he delivered it, passive-aggressively asserting that it has "done more to promote firearm safety," and that they could certainly change their grade of the president or current presidential hopefuls. The NRA offers an A-F grading system based on politicians' gun friendliness, as well as whether their voting records reflect the organization's ideals. During a particularly moving portion of Obama's speech, in which he detailed the heroic, tragic death of Zaevion Dobson, the NRA issued yet another tweet questioning the president's intentions.

Obama's speech comes shortly after a Monday meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his options in gun control. The president rang in the new year with an address in which he stated that calling for more to be done in the face of mass shootings was his New Year's resolution. Prior to Tuesday's speech, NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker issued a statement to Fox News condemning the president's plans:

President Obama failed to pass his anti-gun agenda though Congress because the majority of Americans oppose more gun-control. Now he is doing what he always does when he doesn’t get his way, which is defy the will of the people and issue an executive order.

The NRA's final tweet about Obama's speech explicitly questions the enforcement of existing laws. Aside from the tweets, the group has yet to release a more comprehensive statement following the president's remarks.

This certainly won't be the last the country will hear from the NRA regarding Obama's executive actions. The organization is expected to challenge Obama in a court of law, explicitly questioning the aforementioned civil liberty concerns while calling into question the legality of background checks and research initiatives in the face of the Second Amendment.

Image: Bustle