Watch Grannies Try Fireball For The First Time

Fireball whisky has become a favorite hard liquor of Millennials, with that cinnamon flavor and burning aftertaste always making you come back for another round. Little old ladies, however, are probably not a demographic group you'd expect to see interested in the drink — but believe you me, watching grannies try Fireball for the first time is an experience definitely worth having. Happily, the YouTube channel Obsev (aka Obsessed With Everything) is here to grant us all the privilege of seeing what the senior crowd thinks of the stuff. Can you think of a better combination?

Before the grannies are given the goods, they first take an inventory of their drinking habits. Since Fireball isn't for the faint of heart, this should give us some idea (in theory, anyway) of how well these grandmas can take the heat. Granny number one starts the commentary by saying that she "doesn't drink that much"; although she boozes it up during holidays, it's not "excessive." The second says that she "likes parties" and has even been to many an exciting party herself, presumably making her more of a frequent drinker. They also ask the grannies what their drink of choice is, with their answers ranging from scotch and water to Malbec.

OK, so maybe they're not the rowdiest bunch — but what did they think when they tried Fireball for themselves? the grannies' reactions. You can see even more of their hilarious commentary in the full video down below.

1. "I like cinnamon, but I don't know about the burning like hell part."

One of the grannies reads the description on the back of the bottle of Fireball, which makes her eager to give it a try; meanwhile, the granny she's paired with, who previously said she doesn't really drink, seems hesitant. Oh, boy.

2. "Look at that label!"

The second group of grannies seems very excited to try the Fireball after reading the label and immediately gets to pouring the shots. Who says hard liquor has to be intimidating? Not these ladies.

3. "You get drunk first."

The sober granny gets much more alcohol poured into her shot glass, which I think was a clever ploy thought up by the first granny to get her friend more inebriated. She also seems to admit to this herself by refusing to even out the shot levels and commenting that she can "get drunk first."

4. "I don't smell anything too strong."

The grannies then smell the liquor before they drink it, with one saying that she doesn't detect a strong smell of alcohol from the shot. They both agree that it has a specific smell though, which they seem to find pleasant.

5. "Not bad!"

Now comes the moment of truth — it's time for the grannies to try the shot! The first doesn't seem fazed by Fireball, but what about the others? Watch the full video below to see the grannies hilarious range of reactions.

Images: Obsev/YouTube (6)