Does Chloe Lukasiak Still Dance? The Former 'Dance Moms' Star Is Doing Just Fine

Season 6 of Lifetime’s hit reality drama Dance Moms returns Tuesday, Jan. 5. And, if the upcoming season is half as exciting as its trailer, audiences are in for a rollercoaster ride of drama as the Abby Lee Dance Company takes fans' screens by storm again. But a new season always makes me think of where the show began, and who it began with. I mean, what happened to other dancers who have left the show? Does Chloe Lukasiak still dance?

This season Abby Lee Miller’s often-contested behavior seems to really be catching up with her. It's been teased that more dancers may walk this season — the trailer even depicts the girls dancing under Debbie Allen. This isn’t the first time dancers have left ALDC. After a particularly big blow up at the end of Season 4, three dancers exited the series, including dancer Chloe accompanied by her mom Christi Lukasiak.

So what happened to promising young dancer and fan favorite Chloe? Does she still dance? Yes. Chloe’s dance card is still full and she is just as busy as ever. Here are all of the things that have been keeping her on her toes with a list of the places Chloe has been dancing since Dance Moms. Maybe Abby Lee Miller was right? Everyone is replaceable — even the ALDC!

Chloe Dances With A New Company

Chloe Lukasiak on YouTube

Chloe now dances with a new Pittsburgh area dance company, Studio 19 Dance Complex, and the group has been winning at major dance competitions. Chloe won first place at VIP Dance Nationals with her new studio.

She Makes Appearances As A Dancer

Chloe makes appearances with dance companies and does signings, according to her website.

She's A Cover Girl

Chloe was on the cover of the November/December 2015 issue of Inside Dance magazine.

Chloe's Taking Center Stage

She's going to be in the upcoming Center Stage threequel on Lifetime, Center Stage: Dance Camp!

She Models Dancewear

Just For Kix on YouTube

Chloe has modeled dancewear for Just for Kix, where she also spread her anti-bullying message #NobodyIsYOU.

Chloe Dances In Music Videos Too

Bianca Ryan on YouTube

She was featured in Bianca Ryan's Alice video.

Looks like Chloe is doing just fine in her post-Dance Moms routine.