Where Can You Buy CaKe Clothing?

Celebrity-made clothing lines aren't really anything new in Hollywood, but celebrity BFFs teaming up on a clothing line? Now that's something we're not used to seeing. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are launching a clothing collection, reportedly, and I can barely contain my excitement. The supermodel besties have yet again found a way to break the Internet, because this rumor is spreading like wildfire.

As if the idea of a joint clothing line wasn't cool enough, the premise behind the collection is even more amazing. The model pals are using their trademarked hashtag, #CaKe (the combination of their names), as the inspiration for the line. Can this get anymore adorable?! Talk about #FriendshipGoals. Jenner and Delevingne are both social media powerhouses in their own realm, boasting a cult-like following ranging somewhere in the millions, so it only makes sense they base their collection on a self-proclaimed hashtag. I'd totally rock a Cake-embossed trucker hat, just saying.

So, if the rumor is indeed true, only one questions remains — where can you buy Jenner and Delevingne's clothing collection? Well, no where yet, but according to The Sun, "the ultimate aim is for CaKe to have its own stores in the UK and US." How exciting! Unfortunately, that is all the information we have right now, so until we hear more we'll keep daydreaming about what the line will look like.

If it's anything like these CaKe tour tees, you know it's going to be good.