Is This Proof That CaKe Clothing Is Really Coming?

Please say this rumor is true! Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne might be releasing CaKe, the clothing line the BFFs have been teasing on social media for months, The Daily Mail reports. The real-life BFFs made the move to trademark CaKe, the popular shorthand for their relationship, last summer, and soon after Jenner posted snaps to her Instagram that hinted at a possible clothing collaboration. Included was a shot of the duo wearing matching black T-shirts with "CaKe Tour" emblazoned across the chest (the first items in the collection, perhaps?). The Sun reports that a "source" identifies Jenner as the "driving force" behind the project, and that the pair have already designed tops and hats. As for getting your hands on CaKe? Well, it'll be a piece of... cake, if the rumors are true. The collection is allegedly set to be sold in the USA and the UK.

CaKe — a portmanteau of Jenner and Delevingne's names — would certainly be one of the big releases of 2016, and not least because it's being designed by fashion models. Jenner and Delevingne are major social media stars in their own right, with a combined following of over 70 million followers on Instagram alone. Plus, it's not the first foray into fashion for one of them. Teen Vogue points out that Jenner has collaborated with big-name fashion brands such as Topshop and PacSun. This, combined with the pair's runway experience, means that CaKe could be the 2016 equivalent of H&M x Balmain, should it come to pass.

Although CaKe is an alleged collaboration between Delevingne and Jenner, it hasn't stopped them from including other social media stars and celebrities in the fun. MTV reports that Jenner took the shot above while she and Delevingne attended Taylor Swift's concert in Hyde Park last summer. Though Swift isn't included in the photo, she later invited Jenner to join her on stage (thankfully putting an end to all those feuding rumors).

Could this snap show leggings and another shirt from the collection? We'll have to wait to find out, but for now one thing is for sure: according to tags on the photo, that is Gigi Hadid's hand on Delevingne's butt. If Jenner and Delevingne can keep up their social media game (which they will), CaKe could be the next fashion line to break the internet. Kim would be proud.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram