The Urban Decay XX Vice Reloaded Palette Is Here!

Stop what you're doing! The Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded palette is here and it can be found exclusively at the Ulta website right now, and in stores on Jan. 24. It retails for $56 and, according to an Instagram posted by Ulta, the palette contains twenty amazing shades, including a few cult favorites that are coming back.

I was really thrilled to learn that a few of my very first eyeshadow shades would be returning in the new Urban Decay formula. Back when I was going to my high school proms 200 years ago, I had a very small Urban Decay palette which featured classics like Midnight Cowboy, Asphyxia, Twice Baked, and Smog. I also had zero clue how to use any of the shades, nor what makeup brushes were or why they were needed. So, maybe the renewal of these shades is something like a second chance for me to do right by them. This time, I can use each shade correctly, and create beauty, instead of whatever was on my face seven years ago.

YouTube makeup guru xsparkage posted the first look at the palette, but there are now a few swatch videos up, each including a review of the package design and a run-down of all twenty shades. As far as I can tell, the packaging looks travel-friendly, comes with a huge mirror, and features a handy dual-ended brush. The shades are definitely more colorful and shimmery than matte and neutral, but anything with "Vice" in the title is bound to be a little spicy in the best way. What more do you need?

So far, I'm in love and can't wait to relive my glory days. Hopefully, you feel the same way because this palette is twenty years in the making!

Images: ultabeauty/Instagram, Ulta