'Inside Out' Wins 2016 Golden Globe For Best Animated Film, Filling Fans With Joy

Although some Golden Globe category winners are hard to predict — seriously, what woman is going to take Best Actress in a Drama? — others, like the category for Best Animated Motion Picture, are a bit easier when it comes to figuring out what will fin. And in the 2016 race, absolutely no one was surprised that Pixar's Inside Out won the Golden Globe for its category considering that the movie was one of the most acclaimed and beloved — animated or otherwise — films of the year. The film beat out Shaun the Sheep, The Good Dinosaur, Anomalisa, and The Peanuts Movie to take home the honor.

And in the 2016 race, everyone thought the clear winner would be Pixar's Inside Out, yet the movie that took home the title was Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion film Anomalisa. Although the innovative romance flick has garnered huge acclaim since its debut, its limited release and small budget have prevented it from making big waves. So while not too many expected it to win a Golden Globe, beating out Inside Out wasn't totally out of the question.

Yet Pixar's hit reigned supreme. It's pure joy to see Inside Outtake home the honor, especially considering how great the movie's subject matter is: a look into a pre-teen girl's emotions, and the people and events that figure into her life. Its feminism, combined with its great writing, amazing voice cast, and tear-inducing plots, made the Pixar film a must-see for millions over the summer months.

Accepting the award, Inside Out's cast and crew seemed very grateful, and it's likely that come the Oscars in February, they'll be back on stage to repeat tonight's win. Congrats to everyone involved!

Image: Giphy