Justin Bieber Talks Kourtney Kardashian "Hookup" Rumors, But His Words Will Make You Even More Confused

Remember back in December when there were rumors that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were "hooking up"? No one really knew what to believe, but now one half of the pair is commenting. According to People, while chatting with syndicated radio program The Bert Show on Dec. 17 (the interview is set to air Wednesday, Jan. 6), Bieber commented on the Kardashian rumors. After being asked to comment on a headline by host Bert Weiss, Bieber jokingly replied, "I'm being used, man. What can I say?"

Then, Weiss asked, "Anything there?" to which Bieber simply answered, "Nah, we'll leave it at that." He didn't stop there, though, because the 21-year-old added, "No, no, but for real, she's great. I've known [the family] for years."

So, what the heck does any of that even mean? Are they? Aren't they? Were they? Were they only ever just friends? Leave it to the "Sorry" singer to leave fans even more confused about his status with the 36-year-old reality star.

First of all, when he said, "Nah, we'll leave it at that," that could be interpreted different ways. You could take it as, "Nope, they were definitely never hooking up." Or, maybe he means, "No, there is nothing between us now, but there was." Possibly, Bieber is saying, "I'm kind of denying it, but not really, because I really don't want to comment on it at all." Talk about confusing.

Basically, their relationship status still remains unclear. Actually, Bieber made it somewhat worse, because now everyone is going to over analyze his comments. This is what happens when you're vague, Biebs. Also, this is exactly why sometimes you should just come out and either confirm or deny rumors. If he was trying to stop the headlines about himself and Kardashian, well, he just fueled them even more.

Maybe once fans listen to the actual radio interview and can hear Bieber's tone, then they can finally decipher whatever the heck he means.