'The Daily Show' Has A New Theme Song But That's Not All That Trevor Noah Has Changed About The Series

Change is good. That's why I'm going to need you to not freak out when I tell you that there is a new version of The Daily Show song thanks to Trevor Noah. You see, even when changes take hold of one of your favorite television shows that had gone fundamentally unchanged for sixteen years (The Daily Show song is old enough to get its drivers license at this point), it's for the best. I promise. Plus, can you blame Noah for wanting to make the show more his own? Jon Stewart is a god among men and The Daily Show was his most majestic creation, so the new host has some serious shoes to fill. Changes simply had to be made.

The good thing is that even if you're uncomfortable with the changes, there's not much to actually complain about. Though The Daily Show is going in a new direction, it is still the show you grew up loving at its core. And it is still one of the most entertaining and yet still incredibly informative ways to garner daily news. However, I'm a fuddy-duddy who hates change (I still haven't pushed the clock in my car forward for Daylight Savings Time), like many of youse guys out there.

The following are seven differences that have taken place on The Daily Show since Jon Stewart stepped down. None are bad things; in fact, some of them are even improvements, but don't tell Jon I said that. (I'm waiting for responses to my fan mail and I don't want him to ignore them out of anger.)

1. The Theme Song Changed... A Bit

Noah enlisted Timbaland to rework the theme song, which premiered at the end of the episode Monday, January 4. While the theme song remains a similar version of the original jam, "Dog On Fire," which was originally written by Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar), the new version has a bit of a harder sound.

2. Fox News Isn't Always The Brunt of The Joke


Stewart loved to rip on Fox News. Noah told reporters at the first Daily Show With Trevor Noah press conference that he thinks there are other areas of news that are slightly more interesting. Of course, The Daily Show can't really completely ignore the conservative network, so Noah has not been avoiding it completely.

3. The Show Is More Active On Social Media

Noah told AdWeek that he understands that the young whippersnappers known as millennials (a generation he is technically a part of) love their new-fangled gadgets and social media including Twitter and Snapchat. Now, The Daily Show is stepping up to that challenge by being more active all around and live-tweeting debates.

4. The Chair Is At A New Height

Noah is almost six feet tall and Jon Stewart is, well, much shorter. So obviously, the famous rolling chair that Stewart held as his throne had to get just a tad bit lower for Noah to sit comfortably.

5. Diversity Has (Slightly) Increased


While The Daily Show hired three new correspondents (Ronny Chieng, Roy Wood Jr, and Desi Lydic) and also hired two writers of color (Joseph Opio and David Kibuuka), and while both moves helped the series become more diverse, there are still only three female writers in the writers' room. Noah promised more diversity and these efforts we can commend, but now, let's bring on the ladies!

6. Noah Offers A Very Fresh Perspective — And One From Outside Of The U.S.


Noah has a unique perspective on the world as a mixed-race person growing up in the Apartheid of South Africa. No matter what the material, the series has changed fundamentally with Noah's perspective driving it.

7. There Aren't As Many Impressions

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on YouTube

Now this is a part of the new Daily Show that I can really get behind: fewer impressions of celebrities and politicians. I love Stewart when he does impressions, mainly because though they aren't perfect, he's Jon Stewart so it's automatically adorable. But, Noah has steered clear from that sort of comedy for the most part (except for his absolutely fantastic Ben Carson impressions). Good move, Trevor!

Bonus: We're Starting To Get Used To It (I Think)

Trevor Noah is not Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart is not Trevor Noah. But, they are both very talented men in their own rights and I'm excited to see what other changes Noah brings to The Daily Show in 2016. I have faith the show will continue to be the fan favorite for years to come.

I also have faith that Jon will eventually answer my fan mail.