Who Is Noah Patrick On 'Teen Wolf'? The New Chimera May Fall To The Dread Doctors

Of all the supernatural creatures Scott McCall and his pack have faced on Teen Wolf, the Dread Doctors may be some of the most fearsome. They were introduced in Season 5A as scientists who twisted the rules of the supernatural to their own needs and created hybrid creatures, Chimeras, using teenagers (or sometimes, even younger kids). Now that we're heading into Teen Wolf Season 5B, the list of the Dread Doctors' Chimeras is getting rather lengthy, and in the premiere we're introduced to a new creature entirely. So, who is the Chimera Noah Patrick, and how will he fit into this season?

Technically, we were first introduced to Noah, played by Jordan Fisher, in the Teen Wolf Season 5A finale, "Status Asthmaticus," where he was shown as a Chimera with spikes protruding from his hands and sharp teeth while eating bags of blood plasma — needless to say, it wasn't the greatest first impression. Noah returned, with a name this time, in "The Last Chimera" and it's revealed that he was the Chimera to attack Sheriff Stilinski. However, while the Sheriff is brought to the hospital in time for his injuries to be tended to, he's still suffering from some kind of toxin.

Scott, Stiles, and Malia track down Noah to get his help with saving the Sheriff, but he's running from the Dread Doctors, forcing Scott's small pack to face off with the evil scientists. After confronting Noah, Stiles figures out the problem with the Sheriff is that one of Noah's spikes broke off and got stuck in him, causing his body to react badly. It isn't explained what creatures the Dread Doctors mixed together to create Noah, but it seems to be something we haven't seen before — though it is very similar to the scorpion hybrid, Lucas.

So what's to become of Noah? At the end of the episode, Theo was tracking the Chimera with the help of Hayden, but Noah was shown to be dying — having a bad reaction to the creature side of himself — and it seemed he was caught by the Dread Doctors. Of course, that doesn't necessary spell the end for Noah, especially since Teen Wolf loves its resurrection, but it doesn't give me much hope for this particular Chimera's future.

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