Theo Recruits Parrish & Lydia On 'Teen Wolf,' So What Is He Planning For His Pack?

Fans of Teen Wolf have seen a lot of different creatures pass through Beacon Hills — certainly enough to fill up a bestiary. Season 5A already brought the Dread Doctors and the sinister supposed-werewolf Theo, an old classmate of Scott McCall who claimed he wanted to join the Alpha's pack. However, in the midseason finale it was revealed that Theo was building his own pack made up of the hybrid creatures created by the Dread Doctors, Chimeras. Now, in the Season 5B premiere of Teen Wolf , Theo recruits Lydia Martin and Deputy Parrish to join his new pack, but what does he want with them?

"The Last Chimera" employs the same flash-forward technique as seen in the 5A premiere and opens with Theo leading his pack of Chimeras — curiously missing Hayden — into Eichen House in order to find Lydia. Back in present-day, Parrish has a vision of Lydia covered in dirt and leaves, and he tracks her to the forest where Theo left her catatonic. Lydia is brought to the hospital, but Mrs. Martin fears for her daughter's life and signs her over to Eichen House, to the custody of Dr. Valack (remember, the guy with the third eye?). Parrish vows to find her and get her out of there even if he needs to break down the walls.


At the end of the episode during the continued flash-forward sequence, Theo and his Chimeras break into Dr. Valack's interrogation of Lydia and stop it. When Valack asks what Theo wants with a banshee, he responds that he's actually looking for a hellhound, just as Parrish shows up to break down the walls and free Lydia. So what could Theo want with the supernatural creatures?

Given Parrish's ties to the Chimeras from 5A — taking their bodies to the Nemeton and lighting them on fire — and his role as a hellhound, which is described as a "Guardian of the Supernatural," he could prove to be useful for Theo. Parrish could help Theo save his Chimeras before they're taken by the Dread Doctors so that more could join the pack and grow its numbers. As for Lydia, it seems Theo simply wanted her as bait for Parrish, but given her connection to the hellhound, both romantically and their ability to help each other with their supernatural abilities, she could prove to be useful as well. Though I've already formed some theories about Theo's plans for Lydia and Parrish, we'll have to wait for his true motives to be revealed on Teen Wolf this season.

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