Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Is Now A Book

Move over Random House, there’s a new kid on the (publishing) block; Reddit has published its first book — and it looks like it’s going to sell out any minute. The entertainment website’s most popular feature has for a long time been its Ask Me Anything subreddit, in which celebrities answer whatever questions redditors throw at them. (Or at least, they’re supposed to; Woody Harrelson’s disastrous AMA went viral for all the wrong reasons when he refused to talk about anything other than his latest film… bad move, Harrelson.) And at long last, you can browse the subreddit without even having a WiFi connection — with the Reddit AMA book.

The book, which will set you back $35 for a hardcover copy, is 400 pages long, and stuffed with some of the team’s all-time favorite AMAs, from Barack Obama to Bette Midler to Martha Stewart. But act fast: there are only 10,000 copies to get your hands on, and I can’t imagine they’ll be around for long. But fret not — there’s also a digital copy for only $5. Phew, downloading now.

And wait, I’m about to drop some even more exciting news. If, in the time since I started talking, you’ve already downloaded the ebook and raced halfway through it, you’re probably panicking about what to do when you run out of quality AMAs to read. Well panic no more! The book’s full title is Ask Me Anything: Volume One — so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Reddit-the-publisher.