'RHOA's Kandi & Todd Had An Interesting Start

It's crazy to think about reality stars Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker just welcoming their baby, because their love story has been anything but smooth sailing. Everyone has meddled in their business and there has been plenty of drama, but they are definitely in a good place now. So, how did this relationship start? If you are a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but still feel a little out of the loop, that actually makes sense because their connection didn't start in front of the reality show cameras. The way Kandi and Todd met is actually a pretty funny story.

They did not meet on the show, but they did meet during the filming of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Todd was working in production on the show and Kandi caught his eye behind the scenes when the cast was filming in Africa. In a Bravo interview, Todd explained why this was actually pretty scandalous: "I was trying to play it cool in Africa as it's against the rules to cross the line with the talent. In production that's a big NO NO! … I loved her smile, she had a great butt! LOL! She seemed very humble and genuine."

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, how did Todd go from working behind the scenes, with instructions to maintain a distance from the cast, to chatting it up with Kandi? He has one of Kandi's RHOA costars to thank for getting them together. Phaedra Parks noticed Todd and pointed him out to Kandi and the two ended up immediately clicking and staying up the whole night talking.

The thing was, if Todd wanted to date Kandi, he could not work on the show anymore. In an interview with Glamour, Kandi revealed that he did quit in order to pursue a relationship with her. "He did end up quitting the show. That was a big decision for him to have to make," she said.

Quitting your job for a woman you just met is a pretty big risk. Thankfully, Todd wasn't unemployed for long. As viewers know, he ended up in front of the camera on both Real Housewives of Atlanta and in two additional spin-off shows focused on his relationship with Kandi, Kandi's Wedding and Kandi's Ski Trip.

Aside from his unexpected turn as a reality star, Todd still has his old job. Kandi explained what went down during her interview with Glamour, "He resigned, but then they came back and said they didn’t want him to quit. He still works with the same production company, but he doesn't work on our show." That definitely worked out for him!

It may have seemed like Todd was making some crazy moves back in the day, but everything has worked out for him both personally and professionally. It just goes to show that you need to follow your heart sometimes. You, too, can end up in love and as a cast member on a popular reality show — well, maybe, but here's hoping!