Keeping my hair big and beautiful means, well, spreading out the days when your hair is big and beautiful — so hats are an absolute must for my protective style days. I've been a hat person for decades, and it all started by watching seasons of Blossom and admiring her extensive collection of toppers. Even now I often channel my inner Blossom by matching my hats to my dresses.

In my opinion, Blossom is to hats what Erykah Badu is to headwraps: A leading expert who turned a trend into a timeless piece of headwear for all the days it's just way too cold to have the wind whipping through our precious tresses. I know I owe my hair growth partly to natural plant-based oils and partly to Blossom Russo teaching me at an early age how to rock a hat confidently.

The next time you need some hat inspiration, don't for a second think that Blossom's hats are too outdated for you to peruse through to find your next piece of protective headwear. Blossom's hat collection has something for everyone, and that's why I've ranked 9 of Blossom's best hats to encourage a hat revolution just in time for winter.

9. The Paper Cap

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Is that... newspaper stuck into the brim of your cap, Blossom?

8. Blossom's Beret

What hat would you wear to meet Lil Richie? Well, a beret of course! This red-rimmed beret is adorable and just because it's ranked #7 doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider buying one for yourself. The answer is yes, you should. You definitely should.

7. The Orange Straw Cap

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In case you thought straw hats couldn't be done well, Blossom will prove you wrong, quite loudly. In my dreams where I go back in time and guest star as Joey Russo's girlfriend, this is the hat I'm wearing.

6. A Literal Blossom Hat

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Simple. Sweet. Perfection.

5. The Signature Flower

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Are you a hat or are you a headband? This is a question that only Blossom can answer, but this headpiece/hat is a fave because of the enormous sunflower that Blossom casually dons. It's as if she's saying, "Why don't you also have a giant flower on your head?"

4. The Bright Red Bowler

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Ah yes, finally, a sequence bowler's hat we can all appreciate. Blossom has combined a very hard-to-match hat with the perfect attire — and that's why she's an icon.

3. The Summery Straw Hat

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This hat is just so '90s and beautiful. It might be my everything.

2. The Fish Cap

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Yes. Those are fish on Blossom's hat. But it's not just the blingin' fish that make this hat number two: The style is risky, but like most hats on Blossom, it totally works and is perfect for those casual-dress days.

1. The Velvet Pillbox

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I know Nick Russo did not let Blossom walk out of the house like this, which is even more of a reason to rank this hat number one. It's a beautiful tiny hat that few can pull off (and fit on their head).

Are you feeling hat-ually inspired yet?

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