This Is One Of The Strangest 'Idol' Auditions Ever

It's no secret that American Idol auditions are the craziest, most entertaining part of the season— so much so that some people watch the show ONLY for the auditions. In it's final season, one would assume that Idol will have it's craziest auditions yet, and we've already gotten a taste. Sylvia Lee Walker, otherwise known as "The Yodeling Girl," took the floor in the Atlanta auditions and left the judges in amazement of her fast talking and eccentric yodeling. Seriously, where do they get these people? Though the night ended on a sour note for Walker, the audience certainly got a laugh out of her unusual audition.

Walker opened her audition with the fastest, longest, strangest, and most entertaining monologue Idol has ever seen. Not only did the 16-year-old tell the judges about how she got into singing, she also told them about how she broke her collar bone at age 7, how she got into yodeling, and, of course, her show goat named Jim. As her stream of consciousness quite literally poured out of her mouth, the judges were stunned to the point that they couldn't even cut her off. It was either that or the fact that the yodeler barely stopped to breathe in between her endless stories that left Walker going on and on.

Once she finally began her singing, things got even weirder. The Georgia native broke out into a full-on yodel— what else would you expect from "The Yodeling Girl." While it was extremely impressive that Walker even possessed that skill, her pitchy performance failed to impress the judges. So even though Walker's Idol career was short-lived, it's pretty safe to say that she will not be soon forgotten. "The Yodeling Girl" and Jim the show goat will officially go down in the Idol history books as one of the wackiest auditions of all time.

Image: Youtube/Sylvia Lee Walker