Here's Your Literal Passport To All Things Coffee

In the past, you may have seen your Starbucks barista carrying around a small, black booklet known as the Coffee Passport. Hitherto only available to baristas, these booklets contain information on everything you'd ever want to know about the coffee brewed at your favorite cafe, from the production process to the aromas and everything in between. Now, though, the booklet is finally available to the public, albeit in a slightly different form: Starbucks has released a Coffee Passport web app, giving us all a look at where and how our favorite drinks are made.

If you weren't aware of these passports before, they've actually been around for a while: Starbucks baristas have been carrying them around since the 1990s. They not only contain all of the factual information about the coffee that Starbucks brews, but also has sections where notes can be written about the taste and smell of the coffee. When each section is completed, the barista earns a sticker — hence, the idea of a passport, taking you from place to place.

Sadly, you won't be able to earn physical "stamps" for the app version of the passport; however, you can still earn the digital equivalent for your online version, which also allows you access to all of the same information as baristas. “We are bringing Starbucks Coffee Passport to a web app platform in a way that honors the legacy and tradition this guidebook holds for our partners, while making coffee knowledge and coffee exploration exciting and easily accessible for partners and customers alike,” Alexandra Wheeler, Starbucks vice president of Global Digital Marketing, said in a press release.

The idea is to bring more information to coffee drinkers who are passionate about their roast and want to know more about their favorite Starbucks beverages. It definitely delivers, as you can explore over 30 different Starbucks coffees through the passport. In order to access the web app, all you have to do is enter into either your browser on your smartphone. Want to save your progress as you go? Log in using Facebook or Google. Don't care about saving your progress? Go ahead and skip the login. Accessing the web app works a bit differently for Android versus iOS users, so make sure to read the directions listed on the Starbucks website before you give it a shot.

I decided to try the Coffee Passport myself, so here's a brief tutorial and rundown of what's included:

The first thing you'll see is this homescreen, where you can either conduct a search or access the main menu on the right hand corner. I decided to visit Starbucks Seasonals to get a glimpse at the information behind their holiday blends. There are apparently six different holiday blends produced by Starbucks; I took a peek at their Guatemala Casi Cielo, since the name just sounds so enticing.

The app gives you an option to take notes and acquire your digital passport stamp within the details of each individual coffee roast; additionally, it gives you a description of its flavor, strength, origins, and history. It also suggests complimentary food and beverages to pair with it.

I'm pretty impressed with the depth of information that's available and the multi-functionality that exists within the application. Also, I'm definitely craving some Starbucks now.

The Starbucks Coffee Passport is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a big fan of Starbucks or love to learn about coffee. I can't wait to use this to allow my tastebuds to travel around the caffeinated world.

Images: Starbucks; Giphy; Erin McKelle Fischer/Bustle (4)