The Jacket You Need To Dress Like An It Girl

Winter dressing isn't always as fun as fall because you have to cover up your chunky knits and chic turtlenecks with coats, which is kind of a bummer. The solution? You just have to make sure you get a really stylish one, and if there's one jacket you need this winter to dress like your favorite It girl, it's an army green bomber jacket. I mean, if all the stars are wearing it, you probably are going to want to get on this before winter is over.

Military style dressing had it's moment a few years ago, and bomber jackets have become increasing cool in Hollywood, but now they've merged into one, and it's all the fierceness you need to keep you stylish (and warm) all through winter. Plus, all the It girls are wearing it right now, so instead of wrapping yourself up in a duffle coat or leather jacket, you should probably give this one a chance. It's durable, can play to menswear or utilitarian style dressing, it's relaxed, and of course plenty edgy. Plus, the color goes with just about anything and it's fluffy enough to wear all of your layers underneath.

But if you need some more convincing, here's Kylie Jenner in her go-to bomber:

Also, Gigi Hadid, just demonstrating how fierce it is:

However, the young models aren't the only ones who approve.

Oh, and then there's Queen Kim K. "I saw Kim Kardashian wearing an army bomber jacket and ripped jeans, so I went out and bought an army bomber jacket and ripped jeans..."

Feeling left out, now? Shop these army bomber jackets below to dress like your favorite It girl.

Flight Jacket

MA-1 W Flight Jacket, $135, Alpha Industries

Not only is this jacket the same exact one both Kylie and Gigi are rocking, it's also got a pretty good price tag. It's a no brainer, guys.


New Look Bomber Jacket, $57, ASOS

This jacket has got a nice shiny sheen on it to look a little more glam.

Faux Fur

Bomber Jacket, $67, ASOS

I mean, when in winter...

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Images: Alpha Industries; ASOS