Kylie Jenner Teases New Lip Kit Colors

by Sienna Fantozzi

Get ready for the Internet to break again, because ICYMI, new Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are coming, and she just teased the new colors on Instagram. But don't freak out too much, because when I say teased, I literally mean teased — the photo is in black and white. Womp womp. But that only heightens the excitement, right?

Jenner recently announced that she'd be adding new shades to her ever-popular Lip Kits in 2016, and she's definitely holding true to her promise. The makeup designer posted a snap to Instagram on Thursday, showing off her hand with various colored lipstick swatches painted onto it. Kylie captioned the post, "testing new colors #kylielipkit #comingsoon @lipkitbykylie." Unfortunately for her fans, the picture was black and white, so we can't exactly tell what colors are coming, but we do know new colors are coming, and soon! So that's reason enough to get excited.

As for when we can expect the new colors, there's no official date, but given that she's already testing swatches and talking about it on social media (plus the fact that her current Lip Kits have already sold out twice ), I think it's safe to say we can expect them soon (Hopefully in the next couple of months — pretty please?) And I'm sure she'll tease us more as it gets closer to their release, anyways.

The filter is throwing me off so much, but it definitely looks like you'll have a range of light and dark to choose from.

But this isn't the first time she's teased her fans. Ahead of her first Lip Kit launch, she posted a snap of her brown lipstick:

At least we got to see the color of that one, though! Her sister, Khloe, got in on the fun too, teasing a snap of her wearing the Lip Kit before it was released.

You want it so bad, right?

The worst part, though, was when she posts Instagrams of her Lip Kit, and it's sold out and you can't buy one...

Hopefully this time, they won't sell out as quickly, or she'll make a lot to keep up with the demand! Fingers crossed.

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