Is Crystal Reed Returning To 'Teen Wolf'? There's A Huge Twist To This News

Guys, grab your tissues and just remember to breathe. If you thought Tuesday night's Season 5B premiere gave you enough reasons to cry of joy (See: Sheriff Stiliniski regaining consciousness and Sciles back together), I am about to give you another. Buzzfeed is exclusively reporting that Crystal Reed is making her epic return to Teen Wolf this season, and with a crossbow in hand — just two seasons after tragically dying in the arms of her one true love Scott McCall. But, there's a twist.

Following the show's revival of Allison's valiant father, Chris Argent (played by JR Bourne) Reed will return to the MTV drama series in coming weeks — but she won't be playing Allison, the character we all know and love. (Yup, I'm confuse crying too.) Buzzfeed reports that Reed will guest-star as Marie-Jeanne Valet, an ancestor of the Argent clan in a flashback-filled episode "The Maid of Gévaudan," set to air Feb. 23.

Series creator and executive producer Jeff Davis and Reed had been in talks about a possible reappearance for a while, but as she told Buzzfeed, Reed was quite reluctant to return out of respect for "tarnishing that beautiful story" Teen Wolf left her character with. However, when Davis called her up about the emergence of a new character with Argent blood ties in 1700s France, Reed was in, even tweeting her excitement of returning to her roots:

“When Jeff was going through the character and ended by saying, ‘And that’s where the Argents begin,’ my heart sank. Allison was so close to me and a big bone of contention was that she never had a funeral," Reed said in an interview with Buzzfeed News. "It’s almost like the closing of a casket would be the end of her story and I wanted to be able to give that to fans. Sometimes I read comments on my social media and the passion is still so strong … it feels like a whole lot of love all the time in the best way possible. It never ceases to amaze me, really."

So does this mean there could be a chance of a possible Allison return, or even A spinoff? “There have been some little chats about that,” she said in the same interview. “That would be amazing. I would be so stoked to do that.”

Alright, who else is actually crying now? Forget about remaining calm, I am praying for more than just a one-off episode. BRB, grabbing more tissues.

Images: MTV (1); lifeofteenwolf101/Tumblr (1)