Vanessa Hudgens Got the Best Gift Ever

Of course Meryl Streep is Gimme Shelter actress Vanessa Hudgens' idol because she is a Hollywood icon and all over perfect human being. Thus, we're not surprised that Hudgens is totally fangirl-ed out over meeting her backstage at The Ellen Degeneres Show on Jan. 20 when she appeared to promote her new film, out this Friday, Jan. 24. Tears were shed and the actress had to take several deep breaths before she could stop herself from shaking following her Meryl Streep moment — we can only imagine that our bodies would go into similar shock in the presence of legendary greatness.

Ellen DeGeneres being Ellen — the ultimate granter of dreams — found Hudgens' emotional response to meeting her idol so endearing that she gave her the ultimate fan-gift. (See, we told you that she is the ultimate granter of dreams.) The talk show and future Oscars host gave the actress the coffee mug that Streep drank out of when she appeared earlier during the show. Talk about the best gift EVER. Hudgens, who had just gushed about three-time Academy award-winner Streep, saying, "She just radiates light and love and talent. She's amazing. It's crazy," was so excited by the gift that things got a little weird.

The young actress told DeGeneres that she'd never wash the mug and then said with a laugh, "I'll just lick it." A little weird but not at all, considering we'd probably cherish a Meryl Streep blessed artifact with such psychotically obsessive behavior that we can't judge Hudgens at all. She is Meryl Streep, icon of the universe and most talented performer of our time, after all.

Watch Hudgens geek-out here: