Delgado Rapped Her Way To Hollywood On 'Idol'

by Jessica Molinari

It's no secret that there are too few female rappers in the music world. But even more limited? The supply of female rappers from Alaska. Well, American Idol contestant Malie Delgado from Alaska is looking to fill that void. The Miss Alaska title holder and radio personality shocked America when she broke out into a full-on rap solo during her season 15 audition. What was even more shocking is that she was pretty great. Not only did Delgado quickly earn the title as best rapper from Alaska (no disrespect to any other Alaskan rappers out there, if there are any), she earned a golden ticket straight to Hollywood.

Delgado immediately won the judges over with her bubbly and easygoing personality. But when she started singing "Chariot," she won them over even more. Her performance was unique, strong, and pitch-perfect thanks to her perfectly raspy sound. It was both gritty and smooth, which is a hard balance to achieve. The vocal part of her performance would've been enough, but the 20-year-old brought it to the next level with her unexpected rapping. Seriously, where did that even come from?! If the judges weren't impressed before, Delgado certainly won them over with her rap, earning her a spot in the Hollywood Rounds.

Judging by the feedback she's received on Twitter already, Delgado could be the one to beat at this point in the competition.

She does have an edge, though — Delgado appeared on the X Factor in 2013. She didn't make it very far, but she did gain the experience of performing on such a big stage in front of celeb judges that so many of her fellow contestants lack. That sort of exposure gives Delgado a leg-up in this competition and will, hopefully, help her get far. Because as she proved with tonight's audition, she certainly deserves to make it beyond Hollywood.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX