Tristan McIntosh Gets Emotional Surprise From Her Army Major Mother On The 'American Idol' Season Premiere

It's only night two of American Idol auditions and I've already cried more times than I'd like to admit. The premiere's opening credits had me tearing up over nostalgia, but tonight's final performance really sent me over the edge. 15-year-old Tristan McIntosh got an amazing surprise at the end of her Idol audition, and it wasn't a golden ticket (though she did get that too!). The contestant's mother, Amy McIntosh, who is serving our country overseas as an army major, surprised her by showing up at her audition in Little Rock, Arkansas — which excited McIntosh more than any trip to Hollywood ever could. It was the most touching moment of the season so far, and one that I'm glad all of America got to enjoy.

McIntosh's introduction revolved greatly around the absence of her mother, who is serving as an army major in the Middle East. Though the 15-year-old was disappointed her mother couldn't be at auditions to support her, she knew she was there in spirit. Well, she was there a lot closer than McIntosh could ever expect. After the contestant finished her audition Harry Connick Jr. announced that he had something he had to read, which ended up being a letter from McIntosh's mother offering her love and support. If that didn't get the tears flowing, just moments later, the contestant's mother emerged from the back of the audition room. She had been there the whole time! At that point, I was DONE. The tears were coming down and there was just no going back.

The only thing that made this moment better was that McIntosh truly deserved to make it through to Hollywood. Her performance was original, mature, and pure — she showed the signs of a true artist. The 15-year-old truly blew the judges away with her talent and established herself as a real contender in this competition. It just made it all the better that her mom was there to witness it.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX