Watch Megyn Kelly Slam This Anti-Gay Activist

When you go on The Kelly File as a guest, you should know what you're in for, because Fox News political commentator Megyn Kelly is equal parts attorney and reporter, making her perpetually prepared to whoop your behind with no more than a few words and one or two glances. And Wednesday's show was a true lesson in composed rebuttals when Megyn Kelly slammed this anti-gay activist with an eye roll that was wholly unforgettable.

Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization of Marriage, came on to Wednesday's The Kelly File to discuss a chief justice's order to halt same-sex marriage licenses from the Alabama State Supreme Court. Then it all went downhill, less than 30 seconds after Brown's face first appeared on the screen, after Kelly asked how the judge could make this decision in defiance of the SCOTUS ruling.

Brown then made the terrible, terrible mistake of saying that it really depends on whether you believe the Supreme Court "has the right to dictate to the rest of the country." Kelly kept her cool, though, playing off perfectly that look that makes her seem like she cares about what's being said, but really knows it's nonsense pouring out of a person's mouth.

Since Brown continued to speak, however, Kelly eventually had no choice but to take the man down. At the argument that elected officials and legislators to "not just kowtow" to the Supreme Court, Kelly made her move. “Kowtow?" Kelly said. "The Supreme Court has the final say on what the law is; that was established long ago in Marbury v. Madison."

Uh, yes. Please tell him, Kelly, how the country's legal system has worked for the last two centuries, generously disregarding the fact that a reminder should be totally unnecessary. Brown must have thought that in some unknown context that he was making sense, because he continued to claim that bad SCOTUS decisions should mean everyone has the right to ignore them. At that point, Kelly pulled out her eye roll and laid out the facts.

"There's a procedure for that," Kelly said. "You go back to the legislature and you ask them to pass a law."

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Kelly started on her personal arsenal of dumbfounded expressions. When Brown really got rambling, saying something about a hypothetical situation where SCOTUS tries to overthrow Congress's capacity to enact laws, you'll find the finest head tilt by Kelly, paired with a slightly ajar mouth.

Then came the dreaded, "Kay." Kelly couldn't have verbalized any better the one-syllable response that everyone hates to see in text message format. And when Brown was finally done, there was really no need for Kelly to argue. Instead:

"Interesting take on it."

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