Meghan Trainor Parodies "All About That Bass"

If you've already fallen off the resolution wagon and haven't managed to stick to the promises you made to yourself on New Years Day, then have I got a video for you. It's Meghan Trainor and James Corden parodying "All About That Bass," with the lyrics changed to reflect those of us who maybe haven't done such a stellar job of sticking to our New Year New You guns. Not me, obviously. I for sure have stayed well under my calorie goal every day and haven't even tasted alcohol since Jan. 1. What even is alcohol? I already forget. Ugh, no, these are all lies. The only thing I've stayed with so far is flossing every day, and several times already I've had to wake myself out of a dead sleep to floss at 4 a.m. because I forgot. I think I'm still technically holding that one together, but I'm a real mess in all other categories, so this parody video is definitely for me.

And maybe for you, too. Who knows. It's called "All About That Change," and it was performed on the Jan. 7 episode of The Late Late Show. In it, we learn that James Corden's resolution was to get in shape, but he hasn't even met with the trainer that he hired, and that, while Meghan Trainor promised herself to give up alcohol, she hasn't exactly managed it, with the lyric:

One week and I'm alright / There hasn't been a drink in sight / Nah, just playin' / I went out last night / And I'm here to tell you that orange juice is good / It's even better with champagne

Um, yup! This is my new national anthem, I want it sung every time I enter a room from now on, please and thank you. Check out the full song below, and I just dare you not to bounce along.

Could honestly watch these two harmonize with and dance at each other all day. Better luck next year, resolutions!

Image: TheLateLateShowWithJamesCorden/YouTube