A Foolproof Way To Hide Those Dark Circles

Thanks to a combination of pale skin, crap genetics, and a penchant for red wine at 11 PM, dark undereye circles have always been the beauty bane of my existence. My particular brand of bruise-like marks come paired with serious bags that seem to have no interest in subsiding regardless of the amount of sleep I get. So, mostly just to get people to stop asking me if I'm sick, I've tested loads of ways cover up those dark marks throughout the years — and I think I've finally found the perfect method.

On a normal day, a swipe of concealer will do for most of us. But on mornings after long nights of drinking and/or sleep deprivation, you might want to break out the big guns. Yes, the video below involves a handful of steps, but I promise (from the bottom of my purple rimmed heart) it's a foolproof technique. The most crucial part of this whole routine is to apply your concealer first and let it bake for a bit while you finish the rest of your makeup. This prevents the cover-up from creasing, which means you'll only have to go through this ordeal once a day.

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