'The Wire' + Haim's "The Wire" = Gold

Honestly, I really didn't know I needed this video in my life. I love HBO's The Wire, and I love Haim, especially their song "The Wire," but I really never once thought of putting the two together and making, like, a super The Wire/"The Wire," or something. Luckily for the world, someone else did, and they posted this The Wire opening credits clip set to Haim's "The Wire" on YouTube for the rest of us to stare at in awe.

The clip really just goes to show, once again, how important music is to setting the tone of a show or a scene. As anyone who's seen The Wire on HBO knows, it's a really, really dark show — however, when set to Haim's upbeat tune with the same name, it turns into something that looks like the credits of a '80s sitcom, kind of similar to Growing Pains.

Of course, the original The Wire opening credits were set to DoMaJe's cover of the Tom Waits song "Way Down in the Hole," which sounds way more fitting of the show than any Haim song ever could. But hey, who cares? This is what the Internet was created for. This, and cat videos.

Image: HBO