When Will Kanye Release "No More Parties In LA"?

“What was it like when Kanye West put ‘Real Friends’/‘No More Parties In LA (Snippet)’ on Soundcloud, only to remove it moments later?” future generations will ask us. “What did you do? How did you feel? What went through your mind as you waited for Yeezus to upload the non-distorted version?"

We will take a long drag from our hologram corncob pipes. We will fix our wizened eyes on the hologram fireplace before us. We will run our hologram hands through our hologram hair. “We refreshed the Soundcloud page repeatedly,” we will say. “Our index fingers clicked laptop trackpads with the fury of one thousand holograms. We wondered if ‘Real Friends/‘No More Parties In LA (Snippet)’ would ever return to us. And then, it happened: Kanye wished us a nice weekend and re-shared the song. We listened to the glorious song on repeat. Oh, how we listened! But then, a new question began to gnaw at us: When will Yeezus would release the full version of ‘No More Parties In LA’? We did not know then, but we would find out eventually.”

At the 4:11 mark of “Real Friends,” the track segues into a clip of “No More Parties In LA,” a Madlib-produced jam featuring Kendrick Lamar. And said clip is fiiiiiiiire. So when will we humble and loyal Yeezy and K-Dot fans get to listen to the record in its entirety? If I were a bettin’ gal, I would put my money on the final day of the traditional workweek.

Late Thursday evening, Kim Kardashian made a crucial tweet-nnouncement: husband Kanye West will share a new song every Friday leading up to SWISH's to-be-announced release date (i.e., it's basically the return of G.O.O.D. Friday). Whether or not "No More Parties In LA" will be included in the pre-SWISH song rollout remains to be seen, but here's hoping it drops next Fri-Ye.