Kaitlyn Is OK With Her Friend Dating 'The Bach'

Kaitlyn Bristowe may be done with her stint on The Bachelor and as The Bachelorette, but she's still one of the most trusted authorities on what it's like to use ABC's reality franchise to search for a soulmate. And now that she has a friend on the show, I'd wager most people are wondering how Kaitlyn feels about Jami dating Bachelor Ben so soon after Kaitlyn went on her own journey with the young software salesman. Well, given that Kaitlyn seems pretty happy with the man she chose on The Bachelorette, Shawn Booth, she'd be a pretty crappy friend if she wanted to keep Jami, who according to Reality Steve was once Kaitlyn's coworker back in Vancouver, from doing the same.

After all, the whole experience turned out pretty well for Kaitlyn, who received some criticism from the masses online during her season, but who (to be fair) seemed almost overwhelmed with how many romantic options she had. Of course most of Kaitlyn's season was spent with our girl being torn over whether she was falling in love with Nick Viall or Booth, but she was also incredibly charmed by Ben, even if they didn't really have serious chemistry with one another.

Luckily, Kaitlyn has already voiced her support for Ben's run on the show, back when the news first broke that he was going to be chosen as the newest (and one of the youngest ever!) Bach. When asked about Ben's Bachelor appointment Kaitlyn told People that she believed Ben should be chosen as the next Bachelor because he's a "really, really solid guy" and super "handsome." Her fiance Shawn also told Us Magazine, "He'd make the perfect Bachelor. He deserves nothing but the best," back when the choice was first rumored. Both proved to be totally true!

But in case you need more proof that Kaitlyn is totally cool with this whole situation, just before the premiere, she wished Ben good luck in a humorous Instagram post about the occasional awkward moments that arise during a season of The Bachelor.

And while Kaitlyn hasn't been talking very much about her previous relationship with Jami, but she did have a couple of very brief shout-outs on her Twitter after the first episode aired and fans began to realize the two Canadians' connection.

Also worth remembering: Kaitlyn is friends with more than just Jami, since she previously competed with Becca and Amber to try to win Chris Soules' heart on the last season of The Bachelor. So Kaitlyn is definitely rooting for one of her friends to win the season, but that doesn't necessarily mean Jami will be the one who manages to win over Ben's heart.

But no matter who gets the last rose, it seems that Kaitlyn totally approves of Bachelor Ben as a good guy who anyone would want to set up with one of their friends.

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Image: Todd Wawrychuck/ABC