11 Tasseled Goodies For Plus Size Babes

by Gina Jones 2

If you, like me, spend most of January in bed, not doing your resolutions and wishing you hadn't acted so rich over Christmas while you pine over new year sales, then you deserve something lovely to boost your spirit. A plus size tassel-something, perhaps? After all, you did spend a lot of your December paycheck on other people, and you do deserve it. And if it's in the sale section, well, that doesn't count as shopping, right?

Although tassels come in and out of style, I have to say that they are definitely worth the investment and, IMO, could even be seen as a wardrobe staple. Because if Kendall Jenner (or insert the celebrity of your choice here) is spotted wearing a tasseled top on Tuesday, then you want to be seen in tassels on Wednesday. Even if a tassel isn't on trend, it's still a good idea to have something tassel-y in your wardrobe. Or you could just not care about fashion rules and be your fabulous tasseled self always.

Plus, tassels don't have to only look a certain way unless you want them to. Here's to redeeming tassels from their association with curtain ties and proving they're an adaptable and cute addition to many outfits. I suggest starting with these 11 pieces.

1. Navy, Red, And Green Check Wrap

Navy, Red, and Green Wrap, $35,

This looks so, so cozy! The tassel trim adds a softness that only helps boost the warm-weather factor of this wrap.

2. Open Shoulder Cami

Open Shoulder Cami, $24.90,

This subtle dusty pink shade is absolutely beautiful and with the addition of a tassel-y tie, it will make for a super cute casual look.

3. Tie Dye Tunic

Tie Dye Tunic, $46,

This casual summer dress also comes in pink, so if you really love it, you can get it twice!

4. Suedette Waistcoat

Suedette Waistcoat, $16,

Get some festival chic for very, very cheap. Start planning your summer wardrobe ahead of time.

5. Lace Black Dress

Lace Black Dress, $29.49,

This sexy piece of lingerie only proves my point about the versatility of tassels. Plus, you're going to look so good in it.

6. Jersey Tassel Cuff Top

Jersey Tassel Cuff Top, $35,

A plain black tee is a timeless look, but the tassel detailing on the sleeves makes for a fun twist.

7. Tile Print Jersey Swing Dress

Tile Print Jersey Swing Dress, $25,

This dress is gorgeous with the tassel detailing as the cherry on top of a vintage style dress.

8. Embroidered Swing Dress

Embroidered Swing Dress, $42,

I love every aspect of this dress and paired with the embroidery, the tassels fit right in.

9. Sequin And Tassel Dress

Sequin and Tassel Dress, $102.50,

How do you take your tassel love from day to night? Throw on some sequins and mesh! Think about how great this will look when you dance around in it.

10. Ombre Kimono

Ombre Kimono, $44,

This ombre effect is stunning and I'm so glad it continues all the way down into the tasseled bottom.

11. A-Line Suede Dress

A Line Suede Dress, $60,

Did you catch that? Just look at the teeny, tiny tassel and eyelet detailing on the pockets! Bonus points for being womenswear with usable pockets, by the way.

If you entered this list as a wary tassel avoider, I hope I've convinced you that the sheer variety and diversity of tassels isn't to be ignored. Now go on: Treat yourself.

Images: Courtesy Brands